Made of Honor

Starring: Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin McKidd, Sydney Pollack
Directed By: Paul Weiland
Released By: Columbia Pictures
Run Time: 101 min.
Genre: Comedy, Romance
For Tom (Patrick Dempsey) the life is good: it is sex, is a success, has the big good luck from the lady … and knows, that he can always rely on Hanna (Michelle Monaghan), its practical, charming best friend and one constant in his life. It is perfect installation while Hanna does not follow boundary to Scotland on six-week business trip …, and Tom is stunned to understand, how much empty his life without it. He decides, that when it comes back, he will ask, that Hanna has married it – but is floored when it will find, that it became occupied to the beautiful both rich Scott and complex transactions to move abroad. When Hanna asks Tom – one character, she feels the closest to – to be its “chamber” honour, he reluctantly agrees to play a role …, but only thus he can try to achieve Ханны and to stop wedding before very much late.


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