Meet the Browns

brenda.jpegStarring: Tyler Perry, Angela Bassett, Jenifer Lewis, David Mann

Directed By: Tyler Perry

Released By: Lionsgate

Run Time: 100 min.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

When the amusing drama has promoted romantic on ability of love and on a family, ‘ the A funny, moving romantic drama about the power of love and family, Lionsgate’s ‘Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns’ marks another winning portrayal of life by writer/director/actor Tyler Perry (‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman,’ ‘Madea’s Family Reunion’) and features a return to the big screen by Madea, the indomitable, law-breaking, fun-loving grandma.

When single mother lived in old locale Chicago, Brenda tried to make ends meet and save painfully within several years of its three children of transition. But when it is dismissed without the warning, it starts to lose hope for the first time – character does not arrive, provoking mors of the father, it does not meet never. Persistently needy in the various help,Brenda accepts a family to Georgia for funeral. But anything has not prepared it, possibly, in Brown colours, love of entertainments of his father, a silly clan of the south. In the provincial, complete world of long days and at country fairs, Brenda tries to study painfully a family about which she did not know never, existed and finds absolutely new novel which could change only her life.


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